What is the Correct Way to Arrange a Table?

What is the Correct Way to Arrange a Table?

Have you ever felt confused by the table arrangement of a formal event?! Do you ever think that the cutlery are too many and you are not quite sure in what sequence you should use them? Relax, you’re not the only one, even though as kids, our parents were taught us what etiquette is. However, to help you be prepared and relaxed next time in formal event, we offer you some valuable tips. You can also try to impress the guests at home with them. Your table will definitely look much more stylish.

What to do with glasses, plates and cutlery?

The label requires that we always serve water to our guests and the water glass should be placed above the plate. If you are going to serve wine, then the glasses for red, white and dessert wine should be arranged in a triangle (in the sides under the water glass).

Put a plate and soup bowl in front of each place. Always put a bread saucer on the left side with a butter knife on it, with its handle turned to the right. To the left of the main dish, place the fork for the salad and the fork for the main course. To the right, arrange the knife and the spoon for the soup. It is important to remember that knife blades should point inwards. In addition, the forks and knives are always placed together. The dessert cutlery, however, stand above the centre, where the main plates are, with the fork handle to the left and the spoon handle to the right.

What determines the right table arrangement?

Of course, the proper arrangement is determined by the nature of the gathering and by the number of dishes prepared. Therefore, there are several options (like in the picture). However, if you are a host, keep in mind that you should start eating first. Also, dishes are always served on the left side and removed from the table on the right side. For drinks, the serving is to the right.

If you want your table to look even more beautiful, you can put on a decoration. The basic rule for is to be low so as not to interfere with guest conversations. Whether you put flowers, candles or anything else depends on your personal preference.

A few more highlights:

  • The salt and the pepper are on the top left and always put together, even if the guest requested only one of the two spices (above a small saucer for butter or bread);
  • The number of dishes should correspond to the number of dishes included in the menu;
  • Foods that can be eaten with hands are bread, chips, cookies, sandwiches, asparagus, artichoke, corn, fruit with handles such as cherries;
  • When you are between two people at the table, it is appropriate to talk to them both;
  • Do not place your phone on the table, although it may be difficult nowadays;
  • It is not brought up to ask for the food of others.

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