The Best Places to Sleep Under the Stars 2 - Europe

The Best Places to Sleep Under the Stars 2 - Europe

We have already told you about great hotels where you can enjoy nature in its natural form and at the same time enjoy a comfortable bed. So if you don’t like camping, this is a great option to admire the night sky without having to warm yourself in a sleeping bag.

Our first such walk traveled the world, which nowadays is quite difficult to realize, not to mention impossible given the COVID19 situation. However, there are several proposals that are much closer – in Europe. For those most worried about the pandemic, we will say that there is already such an option in Bulgaria – in the Vratsa Balkans.

Top Hotels with a View of the Stars in Europe

Attrap’Rêves Hotel, France

Comfort and unique view – this is what this hotel offers for a night under the stars. The rooms are actually transparent balloons placed in beautiful places among the French forests. And to make guests feel good, the balloons are furnished with the essentials and are no less comfortable than other hotels – they have electricity, running water in the bathroom and lighting. And if you’re wondering how they don’t fall, we immediately reveal the secret – they are kept inflated by a quiet compressor, which also provides clean air in the room. The price varies depending on the place and amenities.

Golden Crown Igloos, Hotel Finland

We have already told you about these great glass igloos in our series of uniquely strange hotels, so we just remind you. There you can admire the phenomenon of “Northern Lights”, huddled warmly under the covers. You can also take advantage of some great extras such as an outdoor jacuzzi or free Wi-Fi.

Cabriolet Suite in L’alberta Relais Chateaux, Italy

If you just want to enjoy the starry sky – without any barriers, you can go to Italy. The Cabriolet apartment at L’alberta Relais Chateaux overlooks the surrounding vineyards and Lake Iseo. Guests can also open and close the roof at the touch of a button.

Null Stern Hotel, Hotel Switzerland

Here you now have only a comfortable bed, blankets and pillows… and that’s it. The hotel was “built” on a bunker by artists Frank and Patrick Ritlin. It offers a superb location at almost 6,500 meters above sea level in the Graubünden mountains of Switzerland.

PurePod, Hotel New Zealand

Complete relaxation in the mountains… If you want, you can go for a walk or just lie on the sun lounger on the sun terrace. The villa has a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchenette. And if you are worried that you will be cold, know that there is central heating. Well, you won’t have internet access, but you’re unlikely to need it there.


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