The place where the culinary magic happen (Simona Restaurant)

The place where the culinary magic happen (Simona Restaurant)

Cooking is not just cooking, it is real magic. This is the way that cooks at Simona Restaurant understand their profession. It is important for them to deliver real guest enjoyment and satisfy even the most exquisite taste. Therefore, the team does not stop to experiment in the search for the most unique dish for you.

More about Simona Restaurant

A cozy, sunny and artistic place where you may enjoy irresistibly delicious culinary temptations. For a refreshing breakfas, brunch, or a late dinner, we try to answer to your expectations. Every day you can choose from our special lunch menu, too, in which we offer from all by little – favorite soups, fresh salads, mouth-watering main dishes, something quick and, of course, sweet deserts.

Simona Restaurant is a great place for your celebration – a wedding, a baptism, a corporate party or just a dinner with friends. We are here 24 hours a day and our restaurant there are two halls with a capacity of 90 seats, a heated winter and green summer gardens. And in order not to wonder where to park, there are separate parking spaces. There is also a smoking area and free WiFi.

The secret is in the kitchen

The restaurant costs nothing without its culinary masters, whom are keen on their work and seen cooking as a mission. And because of that we at Simona Restaurant try to take good care of our guests, preparing different delicious meals with true passion. Our culinary teams makes compliments our guests daily with beautiful, unconventional and sometimes spontaneous suggestions. This is the mission of the Simona’s restaurant master chef Georgi Angelov, who is always ready to respond to your special wishes.

The secret is not only at the dishes, which we prepare in the restaurant at Art Hotel Simona, but in carefully selected products, because we want to be sure of what it offers. We always use fresh and of high quality products to have not just good result, but great. So we don’t make trade-offs with the products.

Our kitchen also has special and high-tech equipment, therefore we preserve the nutritional quality of the products. We use technics as fried fat-free cooking, water-free cooking, low-temperature cooking, and the result is unique taste that is going to impresse you in sure.

In the section “Bulgarian Modern Cuisine” you can try ours developments of traditional Bulgarian recipes with a new vision and prepared using modern and useful technologies. Coupled with the talent of our chefs, the courtesy of our waiters and the extravagant atmosphere, we hope that spending time at the Simona restaurant will be unforgettable pleasure!

You are wellcome to enjoy the magic of culinary specialties at Simona Restaurant! Think about yourself and bet on our delicious menu!

For information and reservation: 0885 647 286