New standard at Art Hotel Simona's hygiene

New standard at Art Hotel Simona's hygiene

After 2 months in a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we from the team of Art Hotel Simona are aware that life will no longer be the same. And although the safety and security of our guests and team members have always been particularly important to us, we will now place even more emphasis on these priorities.

Simona’s hygiene standard

Art Hotel Simona has a new standard for cleaning and disinfection of the hotel, called Clean & Safe. With it we want to guarantee an even calmer stay for our guests, given the new COVID-19 environment.

It is a specially developed system of hygiene rules and activities, which includes clear procedures. They train and enable the staff of Art Hotel Simona to work in the safest possible conditions.

For us, cleanliness has always been a priority № 1, because it is a sign of professionalism. And yet here are some new moments in improving this aspect of our business:

  • Appointment of a hygiene officer focused on the application and improvement of current hygiene procedures;
  • Daily disinfection of the room with products approved by the health authorities and inspection of hygiene with special lamps. Each room remains unusable for 24 hours, until our next guest;
  • The common areas of the hotel are cleaned every hour with extra attention to the areas that are most frequently visited – reception, toilets, dining areas and more.

Increased safety and comfort of guests:

  • Customers have at their disposal a disinfectant at the reception, as well as in the restaurant;
  • The restaurant will work with reduced capacity to provide adequate space and social distance;
  • The service in our restaurants will be a-la-carte, and guests will be able to order digitally;
  • We will use a mobile application and chat, providing contactless real-time connection with employees, payment by bank transfer or virtual card …

New times require new thinking and new attitudes. Now the responsibility to the client is even greater, because we know that by staying with us, you leave your life in our hands. That is why we have no right to compromise on your safety and will not do so.

Sincerely, Art Hotel Simona