For Real Daredevils - The Most Dangerous Eco-Trails in the World

For Real Daredevils - The Most Dangerous Eco-Trails in the World

Do you like nature? Do you regularly hike in the mountains?! Eco-trails are your passion and the hours of walking and climbing do not scare you?! Think twice! Why? We are going to show you some eco-trails which are incredibly beautyfull, but real dangerous for the physical health of the visitors, too.

Top 3 of the Most Dangerous Eco-Trails in the World

Huashan Mountain, China

Unique place of great religious significance for more than 2 millennia. The first Taoist temple was built there 2300 years ago and since then the place and its surroundings have been among the favorites of travelers. There are many temples, but the most impressive is the network of long and dangerously steep paths leading to five peaks arranged in the shape of a flower.

And if you do not believe that it can be dangerous, we will note that in some places there is no real path, but just stiff wooden boards and carved grooves in the rock to support the legs. The only security is sticking to slightly rusted chains attached to the stone. So in case you are afraid of heights and you are not among the most careful people in the world, you better not go there.

The Way of the King (El Caminito del Rey), Malaga, Spain

So beautiful, but just as dangerous route, which was created in 1901 to provide access to hydropower workers to two waterfalls. Construction was completed in 1905. However, the path did not get its name until 1921, when Alfonso XIII passed through it.

Over time, the path became very dangerous, which is why the authorities decided to block access to it. It has been rebuilt and secured since April 2015, after being closed for more than a decade due to multiple deaths. It winds on dangerous rocks 100 meters above the river Guadalorse and is 3 km long (its width is only a meter).

Angels Landing, Utah, USA

One of the most popular trails in Zion National Park in Southwestern Utah in the United States. In ancient Hebrew, “zaion” means a sanctuary, a temple, but the place is more for lovers of strong adrenaline, rather than for meek religious people.

The eco-trail is about 4 km long and for the most part is not so scary. Towards the end, however, things change dramatically. Continuing means walking on a steep and narrow ridge with dangerous ravines on both sides. A set of chains are placed to help tourists, but even they can not bring you peace of mind. However, those who dare to cross the dangerous terrain receive an indescribable reward – one of the most stunning views in the world.


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