3 More of the Most Uniquely Strange Hotels in the World (Part 2)

3 More of the Most Uniquely Strange Hotels in the World (Part 2)

We have already “taken” you to several strange hotels in different parts of the globe – with a virtual “night” in Finland, New Mexico and Japan. In the first part of this curious series, we presented great, but not very traditional sleeping places that we believe you liked. We continue the tour with the help of National Geographic with 3 more similar spaces in which you will “fall in love”.

3 More Hotels in Unusual Places

Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

It may be a cliché to want to be on a lonely island, but the island of Pemba (very close to the island of Zanzibar) gives a new meaning to this worn-out phrase with the help of the resort of Manta and the unique beach villas. There you can indulge in sea adventures surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the colorful fish in the beautiful coral reef. And all this at your fingertips… And at night you can turn on the lights under the windows, which attract fish and octopuses. Do you need anything else ?!

Even if that is enough for you, we have something to add. The hotel has three floors – terrace, dining room and bedroom (underwater). From the first two floors you can admire the great sea view and the sky during the day and night, and the third (bedroom) takes you directly to the water world. Of course, this pleasure is not cheap at all, but we guarantee that it is worth the money.

Dromen Aan Zee, Harlingen, The Netherlands

This is what it is called a non-standard hotel and it is not that far from us – it is in Europe. The hotel offers three unique renovated spaces which are 17 meters above the ground at the port quay in Harlingen, the Netherlands. Just for the record, we will note that the quay was active for landing ships until 1996. To date, however, it has a much more curious purpose.

The port offers three great places to spend the night. The first is created in the middle of a moving crane that you can turn by hand. It also has a great terrace to relax on. The lifeboat provides comfortable accommodation for all who prefer lower spaces. You can also hire a private captain to take on a two-hour trip. The third space, transformed into a sleeping place, is the headlight, which after many years of work is no longer needed with its original purpose.

Hotel Costa Verde, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica

And the third offer is an old Boeing 727, which has been transformed into a luxury two-room hotel. In the 1960s, it carried passengers, but now is an attraction in the famous Costa Verde resort of Costa Rica. It is set on 15-meter stone columns to reveal amazing views of the ocean and jungle. There are wooden terraces located on the wings on both sides of the plane to make the adventure greater.

In appearance it is an airplane, but inside the interior has been changed beyond recognition using natural materials – teak, which grows in the area. Each of the bedrooms has a private bathroom. There is also a living room with plasma TV, kitchenette, dining room, terrace, additional exit to the slope, a spiral staircase.


Well, this is it… If you are looking for an unusual place, you have a choice. In case you prefer a cozy artistic space for sleeping near the center of Sofia at reasonable prices, we are waiting for you at Art Hotel Simona.