3 foods for Valentine's Day

3 foods for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and surely many of you are preparing the surprise of a loved one. If you have to fix some details, we are going to give you some ideas for what to choose from the culinary.

Top 5 romantic foods


It is clear that most women adore chocolate, but there are many men that like the sweet temptation, too, especially if we are talking about romance. So the chocolate is always a great gift and it is an aphrodisiac. And don’t forget to combine it with the right wine.


Now is not the right season for strawberries, but there is no doubt that strawberries are symbols of romance and love. This fruit is the next powerful aphrodisiac after the chocolate. In fact, do you know why strawberries usually combine with chocolate?! These are the two most famous aphrodisiacs in the world. But history goes back to Ancient Rome, where strawberries were a symbol of Venus, the goddess of spring and after that of beauty, love and life, too.


Cinnamon, for example, tone and excite, this said the Chinese teachings. Ginger is usually good for blood circulation and enhances sex men’s strength. When we are talking about increasing libido, it is especially appropriate to combine the spices with warmed wine.

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