Art Hotel Simona welcomes the Spring with Bulgarian traditional night !

Art Hotel Simona welcomes the Spring with Bulgarian traditional night !

Feel the magic of Bulgarian folklore and traditional cuisine at Art Hotel and Restaurant Simona ***!

We will welcome you with warm loaf and salt – the symbols of our hospitality!
You will be able to taste the most delicious authentic meals under the sounds of the Bulgarian folk rhythms of „Dilmani“ folk formation and the special participation of bagpipe Dobri Rahnev – Baychara.

What more authentic than our traditional dances? Two special dancers will reveal to you the niceties of the folklore dance art!
The dinner will be served on a buffet letting you taste all of our delicious offers.
These are the deliciously authentic Bulgarian dishes, which we will welcome the Spring with.

A mix of typical Bulgarian salads:

– Shopska salad
– Hot pepper salad with garlic and parsley
– Bean salad
– Green Salad
– Roasted peppers
– Bean salad with roasted peppers
/hot peppers, garlic, parsley, dill, sugar, vinegar, fried vegetable oil /

Basic Bulgarian dishes:

– Patatnik
– Kachamak
– Peppers with tomato sauce
– Stuffed peppers
– Baked potatoes

Our special offers:

– Capama
– Cavarma
– Roasted lamb
– Stuffed rabbit
– Mixed grill


– Domestic bulgarian yogurt
– Pumpkin pastry
– Sweet banitza

The cheerful mood, the dances, the nice music and cuisine are guaranteed! Welcome!

* Our special gift for all guests of the Bulgarian Meraklian evening is – 10% DISCOUNT for a night on 22.03.2019

For Reservations: Georgi Angelov – 0877 516 564

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