What You Must See in Sofia if You Only Have a Day

What You Must See in Sofia if You Only Have a Day

You are in Sofia but you do not have much free time for tours because your program is overflowing?! Still want to make the trip not only rewarding but enjoyable?! Then let us help you with some guidelines for what you should see in the capital if you only have one day!

Where to start the Sofia tour?

One day is too short period, but you may try to visit the most interesting places. So here are some suggestions for a quick and easy tour.

If you are free at lunch hours, you can take a bus trip – City Sightseeing Sofia. The tours last just over an hour and are organized every day of the week, starting at 12:00 noon. This is good way to see the most iconic places in the capital. And with the help of an experienced guide you will also learn interesting things about different sights. But if you prefer a more secluded experience, you can also enjoy private tours.

Another option for those who prefer to organize their time alone is a walking tour of the central part. A good starting point is the metro, in particular the Serdika metro station, where the 120 meter long platform reveals archaeological finds found during the construction of the underground road.

Ancient Sofia

Leaving the station, the ancient experience continues with the remains of the foundations of residential buildings from the ancient town of Serdika. Take a walk among them and visit the Church of St. Petka Samardzhiyska, where you should go up to the second floor, too. It is located at one exit of the subway. It was built in the 11th century on the foundations of a Roman tomb since the 4th century. According to the hypothesis of the bulgarian writer Nikolay Haitov, the Bulgarian Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski was buried at this place.

Then you can continue your walk through the Central Department Store, next can make some selfies in front of the Bashi Bashi Mosque and the former City Mineral Bath. After that you can proceed to the Council of ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Presidency. Even if you aren’t keen on politics, buildings are definitely worth a look. We recommend that you go through the underpass opposite the metro exit because you will be able to see more remains of the ancient Sredets.

And if you are already tired, you may end up with shopping or with a walk along the Vitosha Boulevard. Along the way you will also see the Church of the Holy Sunday, in which the relics of Serbian King Stefan Uros II were stored in the 19th century. The temple has been known for its bloody terrorist attack since April 16, 1925, too, but we will not go into detail about it. For a final, you can have a drink something at one of Vitosha’s many cafes.

More suggestions for the tireless ones

There are a few other places interesting for visiting, although we don’t believe you’ll have the power to do anything. One of them is the magnificent Alexander Nevski Monument. Nearby you will find the monument of the Unknown Warrior and the sculpture of Samuel, as well as the Basilica of Saint Sophia and the archaeological museum below it (in case you manage to go at its working hours).

Have a good time!


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