Summer Sofia - Another Opportunity for a Great Vacation

Summer Sofia - Another Opportunity for a Great Vacation

If we decide to focus on the positive, we will notice how great Sofia is. Especially in the summer, when the traffic has significantly decreased and the view of Vitosha is more beautiful than ever. Here we can find everything – historical and cultural landmarks, beautiful nature, entertainment, sports…

What to Do in Sofia During the Summer?


There are lakes in the middle of the city, and others – very close, but in the nature. For fans of urban coziness, Lake Ariana is a very good option. In summer you can ride a water bike or a boat there, and then take a walk in the Borisova Garden Park.
If you prefer the “escape” among the greenery, we recommend Boyana Lake, which you can combine with a visit to Boyana Church and Boyana Waterfall. The eco-trails there are well marked, so you can’t get lost.
Another great idea is Pancharevo Lake, located in an extremely picturesque area. If you want go water skiing, you can try Kazichene Hydropark.


Coming to Sofia and not seeing Vitosha is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope, as they say. During the state of emergency, even walking in the mountains was banned, but we can now catch up. In addition, the museums of Vitosha are opened, so we have many opportunities for a pleasant stay. Otherwise, the Golden Bridges is among the most preferred places.
Lyulin mountain is a slightly underestimated alternative to Vitosha, which, however, guarantees a much calmer stay. So if you prefer more intime place, enjoy the charm of Lyulin. And if you think you can walk, climb Dupevica or try the Esperanto eco-trail. If not, just choose a suitable place to have a picnic.


It is true that it is difficult to imagine Sofia as a sea, but there are great places for summer water fun here, too. You can choose from many pools and swimming complexes. Some of them are more for rest and sunbathing, but there are also some more suitable for swimming as Dianabad and Spartak. If you want something more interesting and with more fun, do not hesitate to go to the hydro park “Windmills” in Gorna Malina.

Extreme experiences

The world, seen from above, sounds like a great offer, doesn’t it ?! And how about seeing Sofia from the sky?! Ballooning, paragliding, bungee jumping or parachuting, ATV off-road challenge on specially selected routes, shooting training… Browse the web and you will find countless offers.


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