Romantic Escape From the Routine in Art Hotel Simona

Romantic Escape From the Routine in Art Hotel Simona

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but it doesn’t mean we should forget about romance until next year on the same date. Therefore we offer you a great dinner in Simona Restaurant and unforgettable emotions in the romantic rooms of Art Hotel Simona ***. Give yourself memories – ones that will be remembered for a long time!

In fact, the very stay of a couple in a hotel evokes associations with romance. And the secret is not necessarily in the leaves of roses scattered on the floor, or breakfast in the bed. It’s all about sharing time with your loved one, so really enjoy it.

Symbolism of Colors

Have you ever wondered what our life would be like without colors – only black and white?! Too boring, isn’t it?! The colors are beautiful and help we can express ourselves, our essence and artistry.

Colors can generally be classified into two groups – warm and cold. And when we talk about romance, passion and love, we definitely do not deal with cold shades. We think mostly of red, pink, orange, but we can add a few more.

The red

is known as the color of strong emotions, life and love. Attractive and very provocative, acts on lovers as an explosive substance. Energy flows from it and it seems to have some magical charge. For the Jews it was a symbol of sin, in ancient Egypt it was associated with violence and cruelty, and in China with life. Psychology strongly confirms that red has the power to influence our moods, perceptions and actions.

The pink one

evokes romance and a desire for intimacy. It can be defined as the color of unconditional love, understanding and concern for the other. As a result of the combination of red and white, pink combines the eroticism of red and the innocence of white. And the darker the pink, the more passion his energy has. According to psychology, pink brings hope, calm and sensuality. Saturated shades are a signal of flirtation, debauchery and a slight madness.

The orange

is not the color that we initially define as romantic, but it is warm and communicative. Gives more confidence, optimism and self-confidence. It embodies a balance between consciousness and libido. Stimulates trust and a sense of wholeness. It creates an unadulterated feeling of warmth and, unlike red, no matter how intense the orange, it cannot acquire aggressive energy.

Pastel colors,

delicate light tones have the ability to soothe, while creating mood and harmony. In combination with floral motifs they give a special romance. A similar feeling can be achieved with ivory and purple.

And here are some of the romantic offers of Art Hotel Simona:

The whole hotel provides guests with a fascinating art adventure with a romantic touch. Art Hotel Simona offers the perfect escape from the boring reality. And you can add a delicious romantic menu in the cozy art atmosphere of the Simona Restaurant, too.