Restart of the Culture after the Peak of COVID-19

Restart of the Culture after the Peak of COVID-19

In the last two months, the culture in our country has been paused due to the spread of COVID-19. However, the artists found a way to reach the audience, demonstrating their ingenuity and ingenuity. So from our homes we watched theater, opera, cinema, etc. The musicians do not stop entertaining us with home concerts broadcast on social networks.

Difficult, but still a restart

The danger of the coronavirus has not yet completely disappeared, but a gradual restart of cultural activities in the country has begun. Of course, this happens with the necessary security measures and social distance, which we also observe at Art Hotel Simona to ensure your safety.


According to the requirements, the indoor activities must be at a maximum occupancy of 30%. Such an option is not very profitable for cinemas, therefore the idea of ​​outdoor screenings is already being discussed. Meanwhile, the salons are negotiating new titles that will soon be able to present us.


At the same time, the theaters have already started outdoor performances. In fact, such an idea in the Puppet Theater in Sofia was born ten years ago, but now is the time to realize it. And the first live theatrical performance after the end of the state of emergency was at the Sofia Theater.