An unpretentious guide to the favorite meeting places in Sofia

An unpretentious guide to the favorite meeting places in Sofia

What are the best places to meet friends when you are in Sofia ?! We are going to give you a jocker – the locations are well known to all residents of the capital, and also guests quickly learn them.

National Palace of Culture (NPC)

The National Palace of Culture is one of the most preferred locations on the meeting list when someone is in Sofia. It is at the city centre and there is no way you cann’t recognize it. Whomever you ask where is NPC will tell you.

Usually meetings are in the front of the three pylons or in the front of the central entrance. Another option is the Lovers Bridge behind the National Palace of Culture, but in this case you should explain exactly on which side you are.

“The Pop”

First of all, for those whom don’t know what Pope is, this is Patriarch Evtimiy’s square, in the center of which there is a monument to the monk. It is located at the intersection of Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd., Vasil Levski Blvd. and Graf Ignatiev Street. The name “Popa” goes from tumultuous socialist years, when the hippies were gathering around the monument.

Station clock

The central railway station is another well-known location for most of the people, and the large clock in front of the entrance is a great guide point. In general, it is crowded enough here, but under the clock is a convenient place for watching other inbound entrances and exits, so it is easy to find the person you have arranged with.


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