The Metamorphoses of a Favorite Bulgarian Salad - the Shepherd's

The Metamorphoses of a Favorite Bulgarian Salad - the Shepherd's

The favorite Bulgarian salad is the Shopska salad. However, the Ovcharska is wonderfull, too.

Prototype of the Shepherd’s Salad

Nowadays the Ovcharska salad is very popular and we often experiment with what we have in the fridge, but it actually originates from a recipe with less ingredients. The prototype is the Rhodope salad – Shopska, but without cheese. Cubes of chilled boiled potatoes and /or ripe well cooked and chilled beans are added to it. If you don’t like beans, there is another option – with a topping of slightly acidic broth with veiled eggs and pieces of meat (pastrami, fillet, dried meat).

According to the original recipe, dried samardala (the secret ingredient of the Bulgarian colored salt), garlic and vinegar are also added.
And something very important – in the original Rhodope salad no mushrooms, parsley and olives are used. However, these are put in the modern versions of both the Rhodope and the shepherd’s salad.

History of Shepherd’s Salad

Shepherd’s salad authorship is not entirely clear, but it is certainly known that it has nothing to do with the shepherd’s table, as most of you probably assume. As we mentioned, the classic recipe for Shepherd’s salad starts from the Rhodope salad. In the 1960s, however, it was changed due to the prescription innovations of Balkantourist and acquired a new look, and with it a new name.

Officially in the menus of restaurants Shepherd’s salad found a place in the 90s of last century and very quickly gained popularity. The reason for this is the fact that the flavors combine very well and it is established as one of the favorites in our country.

Turkish Influence

Our Shepherd’s salad is traditional for bulgarians, but it coexists with a very similar Turkish salad – Choban salad. Experts suggest that the Turkish version is a common traditional basis for salads prepared in the Balkans within the Ottoman Empire by Bulgarians, Serbs, Greeks and Turks.

How to Prepare Shepherd’s Salad in Simona Restaurant?

This much-loved traditional salad is also part of the menu at Simona Restaurant. And here are the steps for its preparation:

The shepherd’s Salad at the Simona Restaurant

To begin with, blanch mushrooms, bake a red pepper and boil an egg for 6 minutes. Then peel and cut a cucumber into large cubes, tomato – again into cubes, and onion – into small pieces. We also cut ham and grate yellow cheese. Finally, grate the cheese and decorate with the egg, parsley and olive kalamata cut into 4 equal parts.

What will surely impress you with us, apart from the great taste, of course, is the presentation. Arrange the yellow cheese, mushrooms, ham and peppers in four separate piles, separated by an egg, and in the middle are the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and cheese. This leaves you the opportunity to include in the Shepherd’s salad exactly what you love the most.


We are waiting for you in the Simona Restaurant with plenty of appetizing and beautiful looking dishes. For us, cooking is not just cooking good food, but an art in which we “burn”.