Light Dinner for the Whole Family

Light Dinner for the Whole Family

After staying home in recent months, probably some of us have gained weight. Well, although the threat of COVID-19 has not yet completely passed, the total isolation is over and we can now move on. To make it easier to deal with the weight, we at Art Hotel Simona will help you.

What is a healthy dinner?

The great taste is not necessarily associated with many hours in the kitchen. And one more thing, according to experts, the right diet is essential not only for our top form, but also for the good state of our mind. It is now clear why it is so important to treat food with care.

A healthy dinner should provide approximately between 20% and 30% of the energy contribution of the day. Although it is true that at night we will not burn the same calories as during the rest of the day, our body continues to work and therefore it is necessary to provide the necessary amount of energy. It is important to note that whether it is lunch or dinner, our menu must include fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein.

Quick options for a light summer dinner that the whole family will love


  • Half a plate of fruits or vegetables;
  • A quarter plate of whole grains;
  • A quarter of a plate of protein.

Salmon with vegetables

Who doesn’t like salmon?! It is very tasty, easy for preparating and it has the highest level of Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is considered one of the foods that increase the body’s defenses.

Recommendation: Put salmon fillets in aluminum foil and put vegetables next to them – tomatoes, asparagus or broccoli. Put in the oven for a few minutes and you’re done.

Eggs with vegetables

Eggs are among the favorite products in Bulgarian cuisine for several reasons. Light food that is prepared quickly and tastes great. You can also experiment as you see fit.

If you’re hungry and can’t wait for a more complicated recipe, just bet on scrambled eggs to which you can add vegetables or mushrooms. We just want to remind you that the recommended amount of eggs per week is 7.

Recommendation: Use mushrooms and fresh garlic to make scrambled eggs.

Vegetable cream soup

Soups are great for dinner because they are light and combine a mix of flavors. A good cream soup will tickle your palate and you will want more of it. Light, very simple and with many options. Among the very interesting soups is the one made of pumpkin, carrots and cheese, which you will fall in love with. If you are a fan of cream soups, we believe that the classic potato cream soup is also your favorite. Just boil the vegetables well, mash, add a little butter and milk, salt, pepper…

Favorite salads

Any improvisations with lettuce and iceberg are great for dinner. If you prefer something else, we believe that during the summer there are tomatoes and cucumbers in every home, so here’s another idea – everyone’s favorite Shopska salad. Another slightly richer option is the Shepherd’s salad (Ovcharska salad).


If you prefer to enjoy the pleasant emotions, let us in the Simona Restaurant to take care of the delicious end of the day. You can choose from a bunch of temptingly delicious offers in the artistic and cozy atmosphere with us. We promise you will be satisfied, because for us cooking is not just cooking delicious food, but – art.