What Do Theater and Computer Games Have in Common?

What Do Theater and Computer Games Have in Common?

We must admit that there are some positive aspects of the pandemic. Yes, it shook our lives, but it did make us extremely resourceful. Every day we discover new opportunities for communication, work, study and entertainment. We present you another interesting idea for art lovers – live theater play from home, combined with a computer game.

Theatrical Computer Game Live from Home

You can find out exactly how it is from Homecoming on October 24 (Saturday) at 13:00. However, if you are busy during the day and miss it, you have another option – at 21:00. The whole experience lasts 2 and a half hours and is part of the program of AST Festival for Free Theater. All you need are tickets and an internet connection.

The Story

When we know everything that happened to us this year, we will hardly surprise you that the pandemic is also “involved” in the plot. The story is about a young woman who returns to her home village because she can no longer afford to pay the rent in the big city. At the same time, the agency sends thick letters to all European households to assess the resilience of the population during the crisis. And a movement is emerging on the Internet that praises voluntary self-denial as a way of life alternative to the longing for relaxation.

Concept: machina eX

Director: Yves Regenas

Performers: Anne Aigner, Jan Jaroszek

Text: Clara Ehrenwerth

Dramaturgy and game design: Matthias Prince

What is Machine eX?

This is the intersection between theater and computer games. The idea has emerged and developed since 2010 and includes a seven-member media and theater team – Clara Ehrenwert, Anna Freese, Robin Hedike, Lasse Marburg, Matthias Prince, Yves Regenas and Philip Steimel. The band united during their studies at the University of Hildesheim and have since produced an interactive game theater. Their idea combines modern technology with the means of classical illusionist theater. The result – interesting theatrical performances to play, which are both computer games, which are entered.