Author’s Floor

The authors floor is the new artistic project of Art Hotel Simona and the young artist and production design – Jenny Ivanova. Jenny turns art into a leading interior detail and gives the room a unique outright.
Here is what she said about her work at the Art Hotel Simona:

“Becoming the years in various fields of education, I learned to work with many different artistic resourses. I learned painting of icons, different techniques mural: fresco, seco, sgraffito, mosaic, stained glass. Scenography unlocked in me deeper and spatial thinking about art and the world in general. I believe that art has no borders and doors to experiments are always open for an artist.
My work at the hotel is a real challenge.
Production designer inside me consider space as a stage at which it can do anything, while the artist immediately wanted to paint all the walls. I tried to balance these two parts of mine, looking for unusual and original vision. “Fiddled” with various expressions that have enriched me and made hotel rooms in unique artistic projects. ”


Jenny Ivanova - Artist and production design

Jenny Gospodinova Ivanova – The young artist and production design
Date of birth: 15.04.1990/ Yambol

2004-2009 National Art High School ”D.Dobrovich”, Sliven Bulgaria; Specialialist subject: Icon Painting, Tutor: A. Doichinov
2010-2014 National Academy of Art , Sofia Bulgaria; subject: Mural Painting, Tutor: Prof. R. Chelebiev: National Academy of Art, Theory and Practice of the Art Education
2014-2016 National Academy of Art, Sofia; subject:Scenography,Tutor: Assoc. Prof. M. Raychinova


Double Room - 302 Art Hotel "Simona", Sofia Double Room - 302 Art Hotel "Simona", Sofia Арт Хотел Симона, София - Единична стая 303 Единична стая 303 в Арт хотел Симона, София Арт хотел "Симона" - Стая 305 Арт хотел Симона - Стая 305 Стая 305 - Арт Хотел "Симона", гр. София Арт Хотел Симона, гр. София - Стая 304  Единична стая 304 -Авторски етаж - Арт Хотел Симона, гр. София Единична стая 304 - Авторски етаж в Арт Хотел "Симона", София Единична стая 306 в Арт Хотел "Симона', гр. София Единична стая 306 в Арт Хотел "Симона", София
Единична стая 306 в Арт Хотел, Симона, София Арт Хотел "Симона", София - Студио 310